Kathak is an ancient North Indian dance style that was first performed in the temples of India as a form of worship. Kathak derived its name from the word Katha meaning story .This story telling dance has been modified and influenced through the passage of time. Mesmerizing , vibrant and beautiful with swirling movements, lightning quick pirouettes, its sudden poses, the rapid stamping of feet, and the subtle gestures.

Since its inception in 2009, Darpan Dance studios has dedicated its work to training beginners as well as advance performers in the field of classical kathak dance style.

Being an ancient art form , Darpan Dance studio is passionate about maintaining an awareness of Kathak for our future generations.
The fire of our culture has become a struggle to keep alive in our lives due to the bombardment of western influences that over shadow our proud classical arts.
Kathak is not only a dance form but a spiritual medium toiled with the passion to express.

Darpan Dance Studios endeavours  to continue their work as disciples of Kathak in Gauteng.
Besides being taught the art of dance, students are also groomed individually on how to manage a performance as a Solo Artist.

 Known for it highly disciplined approach, emphasis on perfection and importance of technique, our aim in to introduce aspiring students through programmes wherein they participate and exhibit their talents. Students follow a syllabus laid down by Nitrya Darshan (Mumbai).